Catalyst Event Photo Galleries

Catalyst Chicago communicates in many ways, and public forums are an important one. They bring diverse people together and allow them to ask questions and make comments. Sometimes, they are just for fun.

Below are links to photos from some of our events. Take a look—you may see yourself.

Guests include then-State Sen. Barack Obama and Michelle, in the ballroom at Navy Pier (2000)

A discussion and reception with former Boston Schools Supt. Tom Payzant (2005)

Co-sponsored with the Better Government Association (2012)

A forum with Pedro Noguera, teachers and students (2010)

Twenty years of school reform and Catalyst, a slide show (2010)

With Arne Duncan and Washington Post columnist Jay Mathews (2008)

Race and Education (2011)

Englewood Pre-school Forum (2008)

Co-sponsored with Business and Professional People for the Public Interest (2008 to present)

Co-sponsored by The Chicago Reporter and the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability (2008)