Submit an Op-Ed


Catalyst Chicago welcomes op-ed submissions for publication online in our Opinions section. We encourage you to read those we have already published, to get a feel for what we are looking for in terms of writing, length, etc.

Send your submission to Linda Lenz at

Here are some general guidelines:

  1. We look for articles with a strong point of view and a concrete point. Provide examples, anecdotes, research and/or data to support your argument.
  2. It’s OK to write an op-ed about a program you are involved in. But the piece must connect your program to the larger ‘real world’ and provide evidence of why the program has been successful. What problem does the program solve? What is the program’s central strategy? Why does it work? Answering these questions should be central to what you write.
  3. It’s also OK to submit an op-ed based on personal experience. Again, connect your experience to a larger problem or issue.
  4. Submissions related to current news are preferred. However, we will always consider op-eds on “perennial” subjects such as dropout recovery, college access, the achievement gap, etc., if the writing is good and the point of view is fresh.
  5. Submissions should be no more than 1,200 words.
  6. Eliminate education jargon.
  7. We prefer exclusivity on op-eds, so please let us know if you have sent the op-ed to other media or if it has been previously published elsewhere. Previous publication won’t necessarily prevent Catalyst from publishing it, but we do want to know.
  8. Please include a brief bio of your expertise and background, your current affiliation and title and a high-quality headshot.
  9. Op-eds will be edited for clarity as needed.
  10. Submissions from students are welcome.