Building a principal pipeline

Waves of principal retirements have hit Chicago Public Schools in
recent years, with no letup in sight. More than 100 principals are
expected to retire at the end of this school year, and more are
expected in 2011. These retirement waves have swept in a crop of new
principals who are enthusiastic about their jobs, committed to
education—and are not likely to stay at their schools for the long

New generation

Stable leadership is essential for school improvement, but consider
this: Since 2000, 61 percent of the lowest-performing schools have had
three or more principals. CPS is searching for strategies to recruit
and support the new wave of rookies, who are more likely to land at
these tough schools.

WebExtra: A principal-in-training

Only in his late 20s, Adam Parrott-Sheffer is on the verge of
completing his principal internship and getting ready to take the helm
of his own school. Young, and willing to do things out of the box, like
wear fatigues to school for a day, he has a lot in common with many of
the new principals in CPS.