Preparing students for success without college

Plumbers, physician’s assistants, carpenters, machinists—all of these are viable jobs that students could get a head start on in high school. Yet each year, about 7,000 seniors earn a diploma but fail to enroll in college and have no preparation for work. That is a road to disaster. Today’s tough job market is no place for a teenager or young adult with no direction and no work experience.

Off the job track

Only a fraction of the students who take career education classes end up with good training that could help them land viable jobs. CPS has had success in getting more students into college and is now turning its sights to preparing students for the work world.

Renaissance workforce

In a bid to transform vocational education, CPS and the Mayor’s Office
of Workforce Development are opening schools under
Renaissance 2010, its controversial program to close low-performing
schools and replace them with innovative, new schools. Many of these
schools focus on specific careers, and because they’re starting from
scratch, offer the city a chance to get career education right.