WebExtra: What a good teacher does

Posted February 13, 2008–A new teacher evaluation system that would replace the current one, long criticized as virtually useless, has been developed by a joint district-Chicago Treachers Union. The new system involves a rubric to guide principals’ observations of what teachers do in the classroom, and to give teachers a tool to improve their instruction.

WebExtra: Electing an ‘education president’

February 13, 2008–Democratic and Republican presidential contenders have very different ideas about how to fix education in the United States. With the primary season still underway, Catalyst examined the education platforms of the two major candidates still in the running from each party.

WebExtra: Debating the closings

All of the school closings will be debated at public hearings over the next few weeks. Hearings will be at CPS Central Office, 125 S. Clark St., 5th floor board chambers, unless otherwise noted.