Chicago Education Trivia


  1. How many CEOs have led the Chicago Public Schools since Arne Duncan’s departure in 2008?
  2. Chicago alternative high school champion Jack Wuest is married to which leader in the early childhood field?
  3. As of September, how many public high schools of all kinds are there in CPS?
  4. In which Chicago public high school did Mike Milkie teach before founding Noble Street Charter School
  5. What school districts did Paul Vallas lead after leaving CPS
  6. Parents in which two communities held lengthy hunger strikes to get the neighborhood schools they wanted?
  7. What were school board meetings known as during the Paul Vallas and Gery Chico era?
  8. Which high-ranking CPS official resigned 20 years ago amid federal corruption charges? Who was that leader, what was his/her position/ and what did she/he plead guilty to?
  9. Which schools from the Gold Coast and the neighborhood once known as Cabrini Green are considering a merger?
  10. What was the name of the student with disabilities who was the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit that overhauled special education in CPS.
  11. What year did Chicago’s desegregation consent decree end?
  12. What are the Five Essential Supports for strong schools identified by the University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research?
  13. What school did Karen Lewis work in immediately before she was elected president of the Chicago Teachers Union?
  14. What was the name of Mayor Richard M. Daley’s plan to open 100 new schools, while shutting others for poor performance?
  15. Who was the CPS superintendent in 1979, when the system went virtually bankrupt?
  16. How long was the CTU’s longest school strike, and when did it occur?
  17. What President praised Chicago’s school accountability program in his State of the Union address?
  18. What job did Barbara Eason Watkins take after she resigned as chief CPS education officer in 2010?
  19. Who is Argie Johnson, and what’s her connection to Chicago Public Schools?
  20. When was the first issue of Catalyst published?
  21. What is Linda Lenz’s favorite pastime?


  1. Five. Ron Huberman, Terry Mazany (interim), Jean-Claude Brizard, Barbara Byrd-Bennett, Forrest Claypool
  2. Maria Whelan, president and CEO, Illinois Action for Children
  3. 176
  4. Wells High School
  5. Philadelphia, Recovery School District of Louisiana, Bridgeport Public Schools.
  6. Little Village and Bronzeville.
  7. The Paul and Gery Show
  8. D. Sharon Grant, School Board president, tax evasion
  9. Ogden on the Gold Coast and Jenner from the gentrifying Cabrini.
  10. Corey H.
  11. 2009
  12. School leadership, parent and community ties, professional capacity of the faculty, student-centered learning climate, and instructional guidance.
  13. King College Prep High School
  14. Renaissance 2010
  15. Joseph Hannon
  16. 19 days, 1987
  17. Bill Clinton
  18. Superintendent of Michigan City Area School District in Indiana.
  19. She was superintendent from 1993 until the 1995 restructuring of the school system.
  20. February 1990
  21. Ballroom dancing