Ashburn Elementary

The question of tech equity

Technology isn’t a silver bullet for learning, but schools can’t reap any benefit if they don’t have what’s needed to make the best use of it: fast internet, enough computers and trained teachers.

The Chicago International Charter Schools board voted on Wednesday to keep open the ChicagoQuest campus, but eliminate its elementary grades and change the focus of the school.

Threatened with closure, ChicagoQuest drops “gaming” focus

The Chicago International Charter Schools board voted narrowly this week to keep its ChicagoQuest campus open, but to eliminate its seventh and eighth grades and modify its curriculum. Instead of having a focus on “game-like learning,” which staff and administrators admit was never fully executed, the school will embrace a “college prep” theme.

Amandla Charter School students rally outside a roller skating rink in Englewood on Nov. 11, 2015 to protest CPS's recommendation to close the school for poor performance.

Four charter schools contest proposed closure

The CPS Board of Education will vote next week and in December about whether to close four underperforming charter schools. CPS officials say quality is the issue, but some question why the district’s recommendation came so quickly after a new policy was adopted, and whether the district is trying to make room for new Noble and LEARN schools likely to open with new federal funding.


Twenty-five years by the numbers

In the past two and a half decades, the number and types of schools in the Chicago Public Schools have risen dramatically even as enrollment has declined. The face of the student body and teaching corps has undergone significant change. And although the system still lags behind the state on many measures, CPS has seen improved test scores and rising high school and college graduation rates.