Comings and Goings: Dozier

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Fenger Principal Liz Dozier is leaving CPS at the end of the summer.

Photo by Marc Monaghan

Liz Dozier

Liz Dozier, the Fenger High School principal who had a featured role in the “Chicagoland” series, is leaving CPS at the end of the summer. She has not said where she’s heading next.

Diana Hess is leaving her position as senior vice president of the Spencer Foundation to become dean of the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin.

Emily Krone, director of outreach and communication for the Consortium on Chicago School Research, is leaving to write a book on the freshman “on track rate,” which marks course completion freshman year as pivotal for graduating on time.

Efrain Martinez, assistant principal of Bateman Elementary School, will become the contract principal at Orozco Elementary School.

  • Fed Up

    Good luck to Liz!!!! She is an outstanding principal and an extremely effective leader. Sad news for
    CPS. I know she will be an asset wherever she goes. Why do all the good ones leave?

    • Karma

      Don’t believe what you saw on television. She knows very well why she it was announced she would resign and not have any further role in CPS.

  • Karma

    When are the Inspector General and FBI going to investigate and arrest the administrators who embezzle/steal funds? Do they get a pass? No time was lost in arresting those who were stealing (the unsuspecting principal got some type of admonition only) mentioned in the first IG report.