Informed, data -driven, tackles tough issues

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Miguel Millett

Miguel Millett

I started reading Catalyst Chicago about six years ago, as I started graduate school at the University of Illinois at Chicago. My professors were staunch social justice advocates with deep and intimate connections to education policy in the City of Chicago, and they expected their students to have a similar knowledge base.

Catalyst served as the go-to research base for the entirety of my academic studies. What impresses me most is Catalyst’s willingness to tackle tough issues from an informed and data-driven perspective.

The intersection of race, gender and socio-economic status on educational attainment was a major focus of my work. Catalyst contained a multitude of material on my research interests and provided a longitudinal perspective, so I could analyze trends over time. There was not a topic I was interested in that I couldn’t find information about from Catalyst.

Now, as a college professor, I always encourage my students to dig deeper and visit multiple sources before reaching a conclusion about a topic. Catalyst is a vital resource for any critical thinker interested in understanding the causal factors behind the educational trends impacting the City of Chicago. I am thankful to be a subscriber to such a well-informed and well-written news source.

Miguel Millett
Adjunct professor, City Colleges of Chicago
Fellow, Chicago Urban League Impact program