How To Change A Transcript?

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The news is full of allegations that someone at Simeon HS changed Derrick Rose's transcript -- and then changed it back after copies had been sent to Memphis. 

Chicago Bulls' Derrick Rose at center of Memphis NCAA probe Chicago Tribune

A Chicago Public Schools

source said Thursday that a grade on Rose's high school transcript was

changed from a D to a C by someone at Simeon Career Academy in the

final semester of his senior year.

Derrick Rose's grade was changed at Simeon High Chicago Sun-Times

A teacher handed Derrick Rose a "D"

in the last semester of his senior year at Simeon High School.

My question is -- who would be in a position to do that -- a teacher, a clerk, a principal, or just about anyone?  And, even more interesting to me, how would they do it?  Is it easy breezy, or complicated like computer hacking?  Is it common, or rare?