Perfect Attendance Creeps Me Out

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On Thursday, CPS held a dinner honoring more than 300 CPS seniors and eighth graders who have from four to 12 consecutive years

of perfect attendance.  According to CPS, six seniors have perfect attendance for 12 years of school, and 40

eighth-graders – including two sets of twins – have eight years of

perfect attendance. 

Seniors with 12 years of perfect attendance are Cindy Au, Northside College Prep; Priscilla

Barclay, Curie; Angel Martinez, Lane Tech; Eric Ruiz, Kelly High School; Chi Ting,

Whitney Young; and Diana Yung, Jones College Prep.  Nearly 250 elementary students and more than 50 high school

students will be honored at the banquet, which is hosted by Robin Robinson and

David Novarro of Fox Channel 32 News.I'm not suggesting that any of these kids missed a day or two along the

way -- though I find it hard to believe that they didn't -- just that I

don't know anyone who didn't miss school and am not sure I'd be able to

relate to anyone who didn't need an occasional mental health day or

have something that they had to do instead.  And as a teacher, sometimes I wished that some kids would take a day off so I didn't have to.  But that's probably just me.

Congrats to all the students and their families.