Reporter concocts news

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I am writing to alert you to a serious problem with one of your reporters, Mr. Dan Weissmann. His behavior, at least in regard to the Gale Community Academy, has been the most unpleasant and unprofessional that I have ever encountered in nearly 30 years of frequent contact with both print and electronic media. In brief, under guise of reporting news, Mr. Weissmann seems hell bent on concocting it. …

First, alleging interest in reporting on how the new city management team was affecting the daily operations of a typical Chicago school, he obtained permission to observe at the Gale School. During this “observation,” his conduct became so disruptive that our School Council found it necessary to prohibit his further interruption of school activities. …

His “interviewing” typically consisted of asking “Have you stopped beating your wife?”-type questions, which he then followed up as if he had either not heard or else had not understood my response to his earlier questions. After repeated attempts at asking him to listen … I basically told him that our conversation had become so one-sided that it simply needed to end.

In brief, Mr. Weissmann seems to be no more professional as an “interviewer” than he is as an “observer.” … I request that you publish this letter, as fair warning to others with whom Mr. Weissmann may interact in his capacity as “reporter” and/or “observer.”

Edis F. Snyder, principal

Gale Community Academy