North Lawndale LSC group stresses it began trend

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This letter is being written to thank you for publicly acknowledging the errors made in the article “Council federations dot the city” in the March 2004 issue regarding the North Lawndale LSC Federation. Further clarification is necessary.

Your article failed to mention that the trend of “council federations dotting the city” began in North Lawndale—where student and school performance lag significantly behind city and state norms. LSCs have enormous responsibilities and have the potential to make a huge impact on their schools.

However, because many people don’t fully understand their roles as LSC members, or don’t have adequate support structures, some of this impact is lost. The North Lawndale LSC Federation is an attempt to change this dynamic.

The North Lawndale LSC Federation is a not-for-profit charitable services organization providing advocacy, information dissemination and leadership development opportunities. Our mission is to help LSC members become better, more effective public servants by reducing the number of LSC members uninformed about critical issues and trends impacting their roles and responsibilities. The Federation’s advocacy in October 2003 was responsible for CPS restoring the $400 allocation each LSC gets for training. The LSC Resource Center will open by September 2004 to help council members acquire a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities, recognizing that people have different learning styles.

Our organization is incorporated with the State of Illinois and has a governing board of directors. The Federation’s model is a united alliance of 29 LSCs, along with community stakeholders, churches, CBOs and businesses committed to school reform to improve student achievement. On July 26, 2003, the Federation received the 7th Congressional District’s Education Champion Award for exemplary leadership and innovation in school reform.

Derrick B. Harris


North Lawndale LSC Federation