Factual errors in good article about our program

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Our thanks to Catalyst for the profile of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest’s Urban Education Program in the October issue, entitled “Here’s the city … learn about it.”

Unfortunately, there were some important factual errors in it. Sara Arthur did her student teaching and is currently a teacher at Mark Sheridan Math and Science Academy (not Morrill), the photo has a picture of Maggie Folk (not Polk) and our bilingual/ESL Coordinator, Susan Kilbane, taught most recently at Telpochcalli Academy in Little Village (not Talcott Elementary in West Town). Lastly, our bilingual/ESL summer program is not new. We’ve offered it for the past 13 years.

I am sorry Catalyst neglected to check back with us regarding the accuracy of factual information. We especially regret that the Chicago schools our alumna and staff worked in were misreported.

Nonetheless, we were pleased to be featured in this issue and look forward to the cutting-edge perspective your publication sheds on educational issues in Chicago. Thank you!

Demetria Iazzetto, director

Urban Education Program

Associated Colleges of the Midwest

EDITOR’S NOTE: With a very red face, we apologize for these errors and assure you that we’ve revised some procedures. (Corrections have been made in the online version.)