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AT CLARK STREET Clare Muñana has been elected vice-president of the School Board. She has been a member of the Board since 1999. President Michael Scott, who has held the position since 2001, was re-elected. … Al Bertani, chief officer of professional development, is leaving Chicago Public Schools to join the faculty at the University of Illinois at Chicago. No replacement has been named…Rosalina Castillo, director of the office of business diversity, is also leaving CPS to work as a construction manager at the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority. A replacement has not been selected.

MOVING IN/ON The Chicago School Leadership Cooperative shut down as of Aug. 31. The cooperative was formed in 1999 by 26 grassroots and school-reform groups. Andrew G. Wade, the group’s executive director, has joined the Ounce of Prevention Fund as early learning advocacy campaign manager. … The director of the Consortium on Chicago School Research at the University of Chicago, Anthony Bryk, accepted the position of Spencer Joint Chair in Organizational Studies for the School of Education and the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University. Bryk also served as professor of urban education and research and development director of the university’s Center for School Improvement. … The executive director of the Illinois Network of Charter Schools (INCS), Kathleen Harris, is leaving the organization. INCS is currently looking for a replacement. …The Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP), which operates two charter schools in Chicago, has selected Lynnae Hill-Mead as the regional director of recruitment and selection in the Midwest. Hill-Mead formerly worked as the director of recruitment with City Year Chicago. Beth Heaton assumes the role of Midwest director of business development at KIPP. She formerly worked in KIPP’s national office. Mashea Ashton, who held Heaton’s new position, is now national director of recruitment and selection. … Project Exploration, a group that works to make science accessible to urban students, has appointed Staci Huffman to the new position of director of development. Huffman was formerly a development consultant with Asian Human Services.

STEP UP TO 3RD GRADE For the first time, CPS 2nd-graders who needed extra reading help attended summer school this year at 17 schools where principals volunteered to host the program. Step-Up to 3rd Grade provided five weeks of reading classes for 800 students. Students’ participation was voluntary, but 2nd-graders with lower scores on standardized tests of early literacy skills were targeted.

PRINCIPAL CONTRACTS Hulon Johnson, principal of Bradwell, has retired. Assistant Principal Rhonda Dabner is interim. …Phyllis Hodges, principal of Fenger, and Robert Lewis, principal of Bouchet, will be reassigned (pending the results of a hearing) after their schools showed consistent poor performance on standardized tests. William Johnson, former principal of Carver, is interim at Fenger, while John Thomas, former principal of Mose Vines, takes over as interim at Carver. At Bouchet, Shirley Smith, former principal of Carpenter, becomes interim. Aida Munoz, former assistant principal at Carpenter, takes over as acting principal… Principal Dyanne Dandridge-Alexander of Cregier Multiplex, which includes Best Practice, Nia, and Foundations schools, was dismissed by the School Board. Clifton Gooden is the interim at Best Practice. Principals for Nia and Foundations have not been selected…The following interim principals have been promoted to contract principal: Adel Ali, Pilsen; Natividad Loredo, Juarez; Gwendolyn McClinton, Price; Martha Monroy, Cooper; Sallie P. Pinkston, Johnson; Pamela Rice, Stevenson; Maria Santiago-Pfiefer, Boone; Latrice L. Satterwhite, Tilton; Mary Jean Smith, Hendricks; Jeannine M. Wolf, Lawndale…JoAnna Theodore, assistant principal at Lenart, will replace contract principal Linda McCarthy Klawitter in October…The following principals have had their contracts renewed: Liliana Evers, Funston; Stephen Flisk, Walsh; Patricia D. Kennedy, Fuller; Julie McGlade, Garvy; Milicent Russell, Lavizzo; Judith J. Adams, Nancy Jefferson.

FULBRIGHT TEACHER Marjorie Coombs, a teacher at Curie, was selected by the Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program to teach in Senegal for the 2004-2005 school year. A teacher from Senegal, Maimouna Ndour Fall, will teach Coombs’ French classes at Curie.

NEW BOOK William Ayers, a professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the founder of the Small Schools Workshop, has written a new book, Teaching toward Freedom: Moral Commitment and Ethical Action in the Classroom. The book expresses Ayers philosophy of teaching and his hope that teachers will create an environment of freedom and equality in their classrooms. It will be available Oct. 1.

Comings & Goings

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AT CLARK STREET Chief Education Officer Barbara Eason-Watkins hired Sharon Ransom to oversee the new Department of Standards Based Instruction, which will work with schools to align curricula with Illinois Learning Standards. Previously, Ransom worked with schools on literacy and standards-based instruction as a director in the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. … Carlos Azcoitia will resign his position as deputy chief education officer to return to Spry Elementary as principal, where he will shepherd the school’s conversion into a pre-kindergarten to 12th-grade program.

MOVING IN/ON Thomas Avery, former principal at Carnegie, was hired as Area Instructional Officer for Area 18. …Two graduates of New Leaders for New Schools, an alternative certification program for principals, have moved into new jobs. Kelly Wilson, a former teacher and television producer, is executive director of the Academy for Urban School Leadership, a teacher training program for career changers. Kathleen Harris, an assistant principal at Ariel Community School, is the executive director of the Illinois Network of Charters, a new statewide organization that promotes and supports charter schools.

CHARTER SCHOOLS In June, CPS will begin accepting proposals to fill 12 slots for new charter schools. A new state law increased to 30 the number of charter schools that may operate in Chicago. Groups interested in opening schools in fall 2004 have until mid-October to apply; decisions will be made by December. … Meanwhile, the board has approved three new charter schools: KIPP Ascend Academy, a college preparatory middle school; Chicago Children’s Choir Academy for 4th to 8th grades; and Passages, which serves immigrant children in pre-kindergarten to 5th grade. The latter two schools, previously operated under a charter granted to Global Village, will now become independent.

CONTRACT TALKS Negotiations between the Chicago Board of Education and the Chicago Teachers Union began May 6. Representatives from both sides are meeting twice a week and expect to finalize a new contract for the district’s 35,000 teachers and paraprofessionals before school opens this fall. The current 4-year contract expires on June 30.

PRINCIPAL CONTRACTS Four interim principals have been awarded contracts: Judy Adams, Shoop; Carolyn Epps, Canter Middle; Connell McFarland, Doolittle West; Juanita Saucedo, Kanoon. ….Velma E. Cooksey, assistant principal at Wadsworth, was named contract principal. …. Principals whose contracts were renewed are: Bruce M. Allman, Chappell; Frank Allocco, Palmer; Jacqueline Anderson, Young; Alan L. Berger, McKay; Lionel Bordelon, Kozminski; Catherine F. Bushbacher, Reinberg; Eduardo Cadavid, Cooper; Joronda Crawford, Foster Park; Sally Culhane, Taylor; Irene Damota, Clemente High; Voyia Davis, Parker; Patrick Durkin, Goudy/Jose Marti; Lloyd M. Ehrenberg, Prussing; Warren R. Franczyk, Bethune; Donald Fumo, Moos; Rita C. Gardner, J. Shields; Elizabeth Gearon, Greene; Robert A. Guercio, Bell; Geraldine Haller, Jahn; Barbara Jackson, Cook; Joyce E. Jager, Eberhart; Hulon Johnson, Bradwell; Terri Katsulis, Holden; Patrick M. Keating, Dirksen; Constantine Kiamos, Steinmetz High; Carl L. Lawson, Sr., Price; Diane Maciejewski, Edgebrook; Barbara J. Martin, Holmes; Kevin M. McCann, Jamieson; Sandra McCann-Beavers, May; Charles McGehee, Sherwood; Frederic W. Metz, Medill; William G. Meurer, Norwood Park; Gary Moriello, Gladstone; James C. Pawelski, Falconer; Louise H. Perez, Key; Linda D. Randolph, Carver Primary; Jacqueline A. Robinson, Emmet; Edward J. Ruyack, Coonley; Donald Schmitt, Ryerson; Melver L. Scott, Crane Tech; Graciela Shelley, Darwin; Mary M. Silva-Vera, Mireles; Alvin N. Solomon, Budlong; Doris Spivey-Tompkins, Mahalia Jackson; Marlene Szymanski, Manierre/Ferguson; Alfonso R. Valtierra, Galileo; Nancy L. Wallace, Volta; Denise Winter, Stone.

NEW SCHOOLS/ADDITIONS To relieve overcrowding for nearly 6,000 CPS students, CEO Arne Duncan announced a $53 million project to build additions or new facilities for three schools and install 80 modular classrooms at 17 others. The project calls for a new facility for Field Primary, and additions to Goudy and Moos, all of which will be completed this fall. (The existing Field building will continue to house 4th through 8th grades.) The district will also lease and remodel three closed Catholic schools to serve as elementary schools and a fourth to house some students from Payton College Prep for one year.