Comings and Goings

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ON CLARK STREET Cynthia Asghar, former director of risk and benefits management, has been named deputy chief fiscal officer. … Veteran central office administrator Bruce Marchiafava has been appointed executive officer of the Chicago Academic Accountability Council, succeeding Karen Carlson, who now works in the Office of Intervention. Previously, Marchiafava has worked in the communications and budget offices. … Leonard C. Moody, an audit manager at Bank of America, has been named director of Internal Audit Services in the Office of the Chief of Staff. … Returning from six months as director of capitol at the Chicago Park District, Karen Burke has been appointed deputy chief operating officer. Burke’s former position in CPS was director of finance and administration.

MORE ON CLARK STREET Diane Zendejas, former principal at Horace Greeley, is now director of the Chicago Teachers Academy for Professional Development; she is also responsible for the Libraries and Information Services department. She succeeds Judith Foster, who is now director of instruction for reading, language arts and social sciences, a new department at CPS. Currently, Zendejas is working with Linda Ford to develop the National Teaching Academy of Chicago. Ford, former principal at Brownell Elementary, was brought on board to lead the project. For the past three years, she worked at the University of Chicago Center for School Improvement on school restructuring.

PRINCIPAL APPOINTMENTS Jonadab Omeke received a principal contract at West Pullman, where he was serving as interim principal. Gladys J. Pruitt, principal at Lewis Elementary, had her contract renewed. Larry C. Gartski, assistant principal of Brentano, is the new principal at Sauganash.

ELSIE AWARDS Parents United for Responsible Education (PURE) gave their fourth annual Elsie Awards to Finkl LSC members, the Chicago Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights and the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund. Parents from the State Pre-K Demonstration Center, which models high-quality programs, were recognized for their efforts in getting the board’s attention and a written promise for appropriate new space. Winners from previous years include LSC members from Zapata, Stowe and Gale.

CPS PARENT ACADEMY The new CPS Parent and Community Training Academy has opened at 3830 S. Cottage Grove. The academy will house programs to help parents aid in their children’s education. (773) 553-6600

ANOTHER ACRONYM Chicago Leadership Academies For Supporting Success (CLASS) is a new umbrella organization for the leadership development programs CPS offers in collaboration with the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association. CLASS includes Leadership Academy and Urban Network for Chicago (LAUNCH), for aspiring principals; Leadership Initiative for Transformation (LIFT), for new principals; Chicago Academy for School Leadership (CASL), for other principals, and Illinois Administrators Academy (IAA), for all administrators. More information can be obtained online at

NEWCOMER SCHOOL The International Newcomer and Refugee High School Center opened its doors in October at Senn Metro Academy. The center is designed as a transition center to help students who have special needs that regular bilingual education classrooms do not meet. Students from various countries will be served, including Bangladesh, Iraq, Somalia and Sudan.

Comings and Goings

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LSC CANDIDATES A total of 7,289 candidates signed up for April’s local school council elections—the lowest number since the first council elections in 1989, when 17,096 candidates registered. Between then and now, the candidate total has ranged from a high of 8,390 in 1991 to a low of 7,539 in 1993. This year, a total of 4,106 parent candidates registered; 85 percent of schools have enough parent candidates to fill the six parent slots on their councils, with 58 percent having seven or more parent candidates. Also, 88 percent of schools have enough community candidates (1,540) to fill the two community slots; 97 percent have enough teacher candidates (1,471) to fill the two faculty slots; and 87 percent of high schools have at least one candidate for the one student slot—172 students are running. Elections will be held April 8 in elementary schools and April 9 in high schools.

TEMP WORK Gage Park High School Principal Audrey Donaldson is on loan to the Washington, D.C. school system, where she is serving as assistant superintendent until June 30; her job is to help the district restructure itself and, according to the Chicago board report granting her leave, “replicate the success of the Chicago Public Schools.” Assistant Principal Frank Lacey is serving as the school’s interim principal. … Wendy Jo Harmston, an activist and former organizer with North River Commission, is acting director of professional development at the Chicago Association of Local School Councils.

AT PERSHING ROAD Ariel Foundation Executive Director Arne Duncan is now director of CPS magnet school programs. … The CPS curriculum and instruction department (director: Andrea Kerr) has moved its operations from the school leadership development office (director: Lula Ford) to the CPS accountability office (director: Phil Hansen).

GOLDEN APPLE WINNERS Three Chicago high school teachers are among the 10 winners of this year’s Golden Apple Awards for Excellence in Teaching. They are: Lori Real, Crane Tech Prep Common School; Miriam Socoloff, Lake View High; and Julie Soulé, Southside Occupational Academy.

NEAR MISS When the job of Chicago City Colleges chancellor was briefly up for grabs last month, CPS School Operations Chief Blondean Davis was one of two contenders, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The job went to Kennedy-King College President Wayne Watson, who co-chairs the Reform Board’s Blue Ribbon Advisory Committee on Capital Improvements.

BUILDING PANEL Reform Board President Gery Chico has joined a national task force on improving school facilities. The panel is convened jointly by the country’s two major teacher unions, the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers. The Chicago Teachers Union is an affiliate of the AFT.

CIVICS TRAINING FOR TEACHERS The Constitutional Rights Foundation is offering the following training institutes for CPS teachers this spring, summer and fall: for 4th- and 5th-grade teachers, VOICE (Violence-prevention Outcomes In Civic Education); for 7th- and 8th-grade teachers, The Law in My Life; and for high school teachers, The American Jury: Past and Present. Fees range from $100 to $250. Applications are due soon. For more info, call (312) 663-9057 or check out

RETIREMENTS Frank Guerreri, the board’s assistant director of management information services, and Muriel Von Albade, principal of Barnard Elementary, have retired.

Comings and … goings

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MOVING IN/ON Ken McNeil has resigned as executive director of the CityWide Coalition for School Reform to start a private legal practice with a specialty in family law. Lafayette Ford, co-chair of the organization, has been named executive director. … Susan Klonsky, formerly with the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory, has been retained by Lynn St. James, chief educational officer, for writing and editing on an as-needed basis. … John Frantz, principal of Sutherland School, has been named director of teacher accountability. … Ruby Ford, principal of Libby Elementary, has been named Region 6 administrator.

PRINCIPALS The following people have been named interim principals: Norma Iris Cortez, the new Hedges; previously, she was principal of McAuliffe. Jerry Mandujano, McAuliffe; previously he was assistant principal at McAuliffe. Fredrick Arana, the new Burns/Cardenas; previously, he was assistant principal at Chavez. Beverly Blake, Libby; previously, she was principal of Owens. Faye Terrell-Perkins, Tilton; previously, she was acting principal at Tilton. … Warner B. Birts, removed as principal of Englewood High, has resigned. … Lillian R. Stawicki, principal of LeMoyne Elementary, has retired.

NEW NAMES The new Hammond/Spry Elementary School has been named the William F. Finkl Academy School after the son of the founder of the Finkl Steel Company, who also was a co-founder of the Washburne Trade School. The company has adopted the new school, as it had principal Elizabeth Elizondo’s former school, Drummond. … The Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Elementary School has been renamed the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Paideia Community Academy.

CTU INCUMBENTS WIN BIG Chicago Teachers Union President Thomas Reece and his slate easily deflected a challenge lead by Deborah Walsh, former director of the CTU’s Quest Center. (See CATALYST, November 1995.) Walsh garnered only 27 percent of the roughly 19,000 votes cast—the union has 29,500 voting members. In recent elections, the best performance by a challenger to the ruling caucus came in 1988, seven months after the union’s longest strike; that year, George Schmidt took 37 percent in his bid to unseat Jacqueline Vaughn.

MORE ADVISORS The School Reform Board has created a Parent Teacher Association Advisory Committee that will meet monthly with a board representative and the chief executive officer to share information on school improvement issues and offer advice on how local school councils and PTAs can work more cohesively. By law, the board also has a Local School Council Advisory Board.

THEY’RE WATCHING The School Board has voted to install the Kronos time-keeping system at 22 after-school drivers’ education sites to monitor instructors’ work time. Cost: $27,090. … It also announced that surveillance cameras will be installed in 100 school buses by September as part of a pilot program to monitor drivers and deter vandalism. The move comes in the wake of a board audit showing that some bus companies overbilled and failed to comply with certain safety regulations and reporting requirements.

AWARDS The High School for Agricultural Sciences is one of 10 high schools from across the country that has been designated a “New American High School” by the U.S. Department of Education and the National Center for Research in Vocational Education. The school seeks to prepare its some 470 students for careers in agriculture that require college credentials. The New American Schools Program promotes the restructuring of high schools to prepare all students for both college and careers, emphasize learning by doing and increase one-on-one attention from adults.

WINNERS The Academic Decathlon Team at Whitney Young Magnet High School placed eighth in the 1996 national competition; it was the 10th year in a row that Whitney Young’s team placed in the top 10 nationwide. … The chess team at Orr Community Academy High School tied for first place in the novice and elementary division of a nationwide invitational contest. In state competition, Lane Tech placed 13th, Foreman High 14th and Orr 24th.

PEACE CORPS TEACHERS The National Peace Corps Association is searching for former Peace Corps volunteers who now are teaching. With funding from the Knight Foundation, the association is creating a network to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of the people, cultures and nations of the world. Locally, the Chicago Foundation for Education is gathering names. Phone: (312) 670-2323. Fax: (312) 670-2029. E-mail: Address: 400 N. Michigan Ave., Room 311 Chicago, IL 60611.

SCHOOL LAW BOOK Copies of the 1996 Illinois School Code and the fourth edition of the Illinois School Law Survey are available from the Illinois Association of School Boards. The former includes a number of related acts, including the Open Meetings Act, the Freedom of Information Act and the School Visitation Rights Act. The cost is $18 plus $4 for shipping per order. The survey addresses school law in a question-and-answer format, providing answers to more than 1,000 questions about laws governing Illinois school boards, teachers, students and parents, as well as dozens of other matters. The cost is $20 plus $4 shipping per order. For orders, call (212&0 528-9679, ext. 108; fax (217) 528-2831, or write IASB Publications, 430 E. Vine St., Springfield, IL 62703.

SCHOOL BOARD MEETING The June 26 meeting of the School Reform Board will be held at Ray Elementary School, 5631 S. Kimbark. Public presentation will from 4 to 5:30 p.m. with registration from 2 to 3:30 p.m. The business portion of the meeting will immediately follow public presentation.

OOPS In our May issue, we failed to report that Pauline Addison Jackson was among the winners of the 1996 Kohl/ McCormick Early Childhood Teaching Awards. Jackson teaches at the Columbus-Maryville Children’s Reception Center, which is a branch of Brennemann School.