Comings and goings

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AT CLARK STREET Maribeth Vander Weele is leaving her post as CPS inspector general to become president and partner of a consulting firm based in Washington, D.C. Vander Weele, a former Sun-Times education reporter, was appointed inspector general by Mayor Daley in 1998; previously she was director of investigations, and director of school and community relations. Daley has not named a successor. … Linda Pierzchalski, former principal of Bogan High School, was appointed Region 1 education officer. She replaces Eva Nickolich, who is now deputy chief education officer. Dr. Ronn L. Gibbs, former principal of Near North High School, replaces Pierzchalski at Bogan as interim principal. … Marietta Skyles Beverly, former principal of Michele Clark Middle School, was appointed Region 3 education officer. She replaces Hazel Steward, who retired. Annette Gurley, an assistant principal at Michele Clark, was named interim. … Lee Brown, former principal of Shoop Elementary School, was named Region 6 education officer. She replaces Sherye Garmony-Miller, who retired. Shoop Assistant Principal Judy Adams was named interim principal. … Joyce Bristow, who was responsible for academic preparatory centers, was named Region 7 education officer, replacing Michael Woods, who retired in December.

Bruce Washington was named deputy chief operating officer of the Office of Operations. Previously, Washington was deputy director of the Cook County Office of Capital Planning and Policy. He replaces David Agazzi, who is now a special assistant in the Office of Management and Budget. … Jennifer Hester, Manley High School reading coach, was named high school reading initiative manager in the Chief Education Office. … Robert Deckinga was appointed director of Critical School Support, formerly the Department of School Intervention in the Office of Accountability where he was interim director.

MOVING IN/ON Jay Rehak, former English teacher at Whitney Young, was named assistant director of the Chicago Teachers Union Quest Center, a new position effective Feb. 4.

PRINCIPAL RETIREMENTS Peter G. Hastings, Onahan; Vivian Moritz, Region 1 instructional coordinator, was named acting principal. John Gelsomino, principal at Kelly High School; Al Pretkelis, assistant principal, was named acting principal.

PRINCIPAL REMOVALS The School Board has formally removed the following four from schools that have not made sufficient academic progress since being placed on probation: Patrick Kenny, Bunche; Theodis Leonard, Paderewski; Linda Sienkiewicz, Piccolo; and Margaret Tolson, Donoghue. Most will serve out the remainder of their principal contracts at central office, receiving the same salary and benefits. Leonard decided to retire. They were replaced by the following interim principals: Annie Greenlee, interim principal at Libby, Bunche; Momma Hawk, principal of Recovering the Gifted Child, Paderewski; Deborah Edwards, principal of Fulton, Piccolo; JoAnn Roberts, former chief intervention officer, Donoghue.

PRINCIPAL CONTRACTS Phylis Hammond, acting principal at Tilden High School, is now contract principal. … June G. Shackter, Decatur Classical, and Michele L. Barton, Metcalfe, have had their contracts renewed.

BOND SALE CPS sold $217 million in general obligation bonds in December to fund several renovation and new construction projects, including new buildings for Kelvyn Park High and DePriest Elementary, and an addition to Moos Elementary. About $5 million of the bond sale proceeds will pay for land purchase and site preparation work to build new high schools in Little Village and Pilsen, and a new building for Westinghouse High.

EDUCATION BILL President George W. Bush signed into law Jan. 8 the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which mandates, among other things, statewide reading and math tests for grades 3 through 8 by 2005, and puts pressure on low performing schools. Under the new law, parents can transfer their children out of failing schools and into better performing ones. Parents can also tap a low performing school’s Title 1 money to pay for private tutoring. Schools that fail to perform adequately for two consecutive years will be eligible for extra federal help. Overall, the federal education budget was increased by $6.7 billion for the 2002 fiscal year. Title 1 funding is up, as well; CPS is slated to get $220 million a year, up from $170 million.

POLICY The Board agreed to exempt certain specialty teachers from its requirement that all employees reside in the city of Chicago. Relaxing the policy for math, science and special education teachers is expected to help fill vacant positions. Librarians, social workers, guidance counselors and speech pathologists will also be exempt from the residency rule this year.

FELLOWSHIPS Six CPS elementary school teachers have been named MetLife Fellows and will participate in a new program to include teacher input in educational policy-making. They are among 100 MetLife fellows nationwide and were selected by the Chicago Foundation for Education. Winners are: Shari Frost of Norwood Park; Margie Smagecz of Gray; Michael Flynn of Otis; Steven Taylor of Hedges; Valerie Lyons, an itinerant CPS teacher and Joy Reeves of Bright.

Comings and goings

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MOVING IN/ON Barbara J. Eason-Watkins, principal of McCosh Elementary School, will be temporarily serving half-time at McCosh and half-time as director of Professional Development Schools for the University of Chicago Center for School Improvement. Mary Rodgers will serve as associate principal for McCosh for the duration of the project. … Dion Miller Perez has left his position as schools organizer for the Neighborhood Capital Budget Group to serve as Chicago co-ordinator at Cross-City Campaign for Urban School Reform. He is replacing David Young, who has left to pursue his own business. Replacing Perez at NCBG is Andrea Lee, a recent University of Michigan graduate. … Sandra Jackson has been named acting dean of the School of Education at DePaul University. Jackson previously served as director of the Center for Culture and History of Black Diaspora at DePaul as well as associate professor in DePaul’s School of Education. She is replacing Quintin Vargas, who has been promoted to associate vice president for academic affairs. … Jean Franczyk has been appointed vice president of education at the Museum of Science and Industry, a new position. Formerly chief of staff to the School Board and assistant to Mayor Richard M. Daley, Franczyk left the Board a year ago to run faculty training programs for, a distance learning company.

AT CLARK STREET The School Board approved the election and appointment of 15 members to the Local School Council Advisory Board. The following new members will serve two-year terms: Chairman Thomas Gray, community representative, Douglas Community Academy; Aaron Kaiser, parent, Northside College Prep; Emma Lozano, community representative, Lozano Bilingual and International; Geneva Harris, parent, Spaulding High; Micaela Rico, parent, Farragut Career Academy; Alfred Rodgers, community representative, Morrill Elementary and Gage Park High; July Marvin, teacher, DuBois; Julia Sanchez, parent, Northside Learning Center; Renaud Beaudoin, principal, Newberry Magnet; Betty Smith, parent, Medill; Juanita Esparza, parent, Pilsen Community Academy; Ruby Chan, community representative, Mark Sheridan Magnet; Gertrude Muhammad, parent, McCosh Elementary; Mary Zeronas, principal, Cassell Elementary; and Frank Bell, community representative, Owens Elementary.

NEW BUILDINGS CPS has chosen the winners of its school design competition. KoningEizenberg Architecture from Santa Monica, CA submitted the winning design for a new school in Irving Park on the north side, and the Board will use the design from New York-based MarbleFairbanks Architects to build a school in Roseland on the south side. Two sites have been selected and construction will begin once funding is secured. …Southside College Prep will become the Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep in honor of the Illinois Poet Laureate who died last year.

PRINCIPAL CONTRACTS The Board has approved a contract for Jacqueline A. Baker, interim principal at Pope, to become principal. … Former Proctor Principal John S. Potocki is the new principal at Clay Elementary. … Stephen Flisk, formerly of the Region 3 office, has been appointed principal of Walsh Elementary. … The Board also renewed contracts for Frederic Arana, Little Village; Joe Easterling-Hood, McDowell; and Dr. Louise Eggert, Lara Academy.

PRINCIPAL RETIREMENTS Janice Todd, principal of Lincoln Park High School for the past eight years, is retiring. Harper elementary principal Nathaniel Mason will succeed her July 1. … Pherese McManamon has retired as principal of Peterson elementary after 18 years. Replacing her is Joseph G. Kallas, former assistant principal of Mather.

Comings and Goings

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AT CLARK STREET Joseph Spagnolo, former state superintendent of schools, is heading up a new Superintendent’s Research Advisory Group, which will both synthesize existing research and spearhead new studies to provide data and background for policy development. The informal group consists of researchers, educators and administrators, including professors Fred Hess of Northwestern University, Kenneth Wong and Melissa Roderick of the University of Chicago, Vicky Chou of the University of Illinois at Chicago, and the Office of Accountability’s Philip Hansen. … As part of this initiative, James Nowlan, a former state legislator who now heads the Journalism Fellows program at the University of Illinois Institute of Government and Public Affairs, has been retained to examine and write about Chicago school reform since 1995. Payments are not to exceed $14,000 in a six-month period.

BENNETT NOW OFFERS PRAISE Former U.S. Secretary of Education William Bennett, who pronounced Chicago’s schools the worst in the nation 12 years ago, has become an admirer. Bennett testified at a House Education Workforce Committee field hearing on school reform flexibility at Jones Academic Magnet High. Prior to the testimony, Bennett noted, “There is no major urban school system in the United States right now that has a more ambitious plan, better leadership and a greater sense of accountability” than CPS.

PRINCIPALS The contract of Principal Larry B. Grant of Beasley Academy has been renewed. … Kathlene L. Orr, recently promoted from assistant principal to interim principal at Grissom School, has received a four-year contract. … The following have been appointed interim principals: Wendy Christian, W. Smith School, a new principal; Leonor Karl, De Diego Community Academy, formerly assistant principal there; and Daya Locke, Calumet Academy High School, formerly assistant principal there. … The board has retained Charles Vietzen, who retired recently as principal of Hubbard High, to work with the principal of Gage Park High School to help the school get off probation. Gage Park’s payments to Vietzen are not to exceed $16,000 in a six-month period.

PRINCIPAL HONORED Marcey Reyes, principal of Seward Academy, has been named one of 10 “Heroes in American Education” by Readers Digest. The honor includes a $15,000 prize. The magazine noted that student achievement has increased substantially under her leadership, and that the school boasts a media studies program where students can create their own television productions and news shows.

URBAN LEAGUE BOARD School Board President Gery Chico has been named to the board of the Chicago Urban League. Chico also serves on the boards of Economic Club of Chicago, the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, the Field Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

ANNENBERG BOARD The Chicago Annenberg Challenge has three new board members: John McCarter, president and chief executive of the Field Museum of Natural History; Victoria Chou, dean of the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago; and James Reynolds, founder, president and chief executive officer of Loop Capital Markets, LLC.

NEW NAMES The Paul Cuffe Elementary School in Auburn Gresham has been re-named the Paul Cuffe Math, Science and Technology Academy to mark the school’s shift in curriculum emphasis. … The “new” Nobel School built in West Humboldt Park a year and a half ago has chosen the name, West Park Academy of Fine Arts and Technology.

TEACHER HONORED Jane Bushwaller, a 5th-grade science teacher at Clissold School in Morgan Park has received the Chicago Academy of Science’s 1999 Teacher of the Year Award. Bushwaller was selected for her innovative ways to improve science literacy, which range from overnight nature trips to archeological digs.

ACADEMIC DECATHLON Whitney Young placed fourth in the national U.S. Academic Decathlon competition in April, marking the tenth consecutive year that the school has garnered a top-10 national ranking. In its first appearance in national competition, the team from Curie High, which had placed third in the state, took home a national trophy for “best solution” in the first annual creative problem-solving contest of the decathlon.

Comings and goings

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MOVING IN/ON Margaret Farr, formerly assistant director of education programs at the Museum of Contemporary Art, is the new assistant director of teacher programs at the Art Institute of Chicago (312) 443-3575. … Reginald Lewis, a former program officer at the Victoria Foundation in New Jersey and a liaison for the Newark Public Schools Reform Initiative, joins Warren Chapman as an education program officer at The Joyce Foundation. … JoAnn Harper, formerly assistant to the president for educational issues at the Chicago Teachers Union, has joined the Illinois Federation of Teachers as an assistant to the president. … Peggy Davis, a partner in the law firm of Gardner, Carton & Douglas, has been named chair of the Reform Board’s Monitoring Commission on Desegregation Implementation. She succeeds the late E. Wayne Robinson.

PRINCIPALS The following have been named interim principals. Nathaniel Mason, assistant principal, Lincoln Park High, Harper High. Nancy Mayer, specialist II in specialized services, Vaughn Occupational High. Juanita Saucedo, assistant principal of Kanoon Magnet, Kanoon. Beverly Slater, assistant principal at Price, Price. Lawrence Chase, schools superintendent in Beverly, Mass., Disney Magnet. Rudy Coats, assistant principal of Hurley, Hurley. Barbara Glapa, high school transition administrator, Hedges. Patricia Hart, assistant principal of Schubert, Schubert. Judith Hernandez, acting principal of Senn Metro Academy, Senn. … Lori Jennix, teacher at Doolittle Intermediate East, Doolittle. Daniel Rohan, assistant principal of Burr, Burr. … Bobbie Hawkins, principal of Overton, has retired. … The following have received four-year contracts. C. Scott Rzechula, Reilly. Luis Molina, Logandale Middle.

NEW ADDRESS Beginning Oct. 1, Parents United for Responsible Education (PURE) and the Teachers’ Task Force will share new offices at 407 S. Dearborn, 5th Floor. Phone number for the Task Force is (312) 986-9238. At press time, PURE’s new number is not available.

NEW NAMES Whitney-Corkery has been renamed the Emiliano Zapata Academy School, after the Mexican revolutionist. The George Gershwin Math/Science Community Academy has been renamed the Granville T. Woods Math/Science Community Academy, after the African-American inventor. St. Martin DePorres Academy, formerly owned by the Chicago Archdiocese, is now owned by Chicago Public Schools and has been renamed the Southside College Prep Academy.

OUSTED TEACHERS Only a third of the 188 teachers who were not rehired by seven reconstituted high schools had found teaching positions in other schools by mid-September. According to Chief Accountability Officer Phil Hansen, most are working in high schools while others found jobs at transition centers or elementary schools. Six of the 188 retired, resigned or were fired. At press time, some 113 were still looking for permanent placement and were to begin working as day-to-day substitutes Oct. 1.

PROBATION SCHOOLS Fifteen additional schools have been placed on probation Carver Primary, Cook, M. Davis, Doolittle Intermediate, Finkl, Gladstone, Hamline, Jenner, Kershaw, Morrill, Pickard, Schiller and Truth elementary and Spalding and Vaughn Occupational high. Nine schools have been taken off probation Beidler, Chase, Fiske, Henderson, McAuliffe, Morse, Parkman and Yale elementary and Amundson High. The following probation schools were commended for academic progress Byford, Byrd, Cameron, Carter, Doolittle Primary, Hammond, Jungman, Medill Primary, Sherwood, Sumner, and L. Ward elementary; Carver and Douglass middle; and Corliss, Dunbar, Hirsch, Kelly and Roosevelt high.

TEACHER SCHOLARSHIPS The First Chicago NBD Corporation has created a $200,000 scholarship fund for Roosevelt University students who plan to become teachers in Chicago. The corporation will provide four-year scholarships for 12 future teachers (three per year). Scholarship recipients must be members of a high school Future Teachers Club. For more information, call Thomas R. Karow at Roosevelt University (312) 341-3510 or Thomas Kelly at First Chicago, (312) 732-7007.