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Mayor Rahm Emanuel
Photo by Michelle Kanaar
Mayor Rahm Emanuel greets parent Sergio Ruiz at a Chicago Star Scholarship information session held at Wells Community Academy High School in December. The scholarship provides tuition, fees and book waivers to qualifying CPS graduates.

City Colleges scholarship has benefits, drawbacks

February 24, 2015

Since City Colleges began taking applications for a plan widely advertised as “free college” by a campaigning Mayor Rahm Emanuel, more than 1,000 students have applied for the offer of waived tuition, books and school fees. But research shows that City Colleges are not the best post-secondary choice for high-achieving students who will benefit from the Star Scholarship.

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Urban Prep "college signing day"

Charter schools stress college-going support

February 24, 2015

At North Lawndale College Prep, there are eight counselors for roughly 820 students at two campuses — a ratio of 1 to 103. Factor in additional counselors focused on college-going or alumni support, and the ratio drops by half. That low ratio is unheard of in most traditional neighborhood high schools, which have an average of about one full-time counselor for every 303 students.

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