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Linda Lenz and Roy Larson at the first Catalyst Editorial Advisory Board meeting.

Well, since you asked …

October 29, 2015

I’m often asked — by friends, television hosts, people I’ve just met — whether Chicago’s public schools have gotten any better after decades of reform. I know they’d like a simple yes or no, but I find neither satisfying. Rather, it’s been more like yes and no, or two steps forward, one step back.

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Xiomara Rodriguez takes a homework break during a student lead rally outside of a CPS board meeting on October 28. The students called for more funding for their schools.

Student protests over budget cuts have deep roots

November 18, 2015

“You don’t realize how much you love something until it’s kind of out of our reach,” said Jones junior Darcy Palder at a recent student rally. “And when I started realizing that we might not have those special classes that we love or those teachers who have helped us so much, I realized that we needed to do something.”